shenzhen newtimes tech. co. ltd

newtimes technology was founded in 2007. we are a high-techenterprise that specialize that in research, development,manufacturing, marketing and service of healthy electroniccigarettes. since we were founded, our company has constantlyfocused on healthy electronic products. relying on our advancedmanagement and well-capitalized funds, newtimes technology hasdeveloped a professional team gathering high-quality andexperienced researchers and executives along with a factory housingsix production lines. our company adheres to a highly standardquality system and modern office environment, together withadvanced healthy electronic cigarette technology equipment, whichwill ensure that our products will comply with internationalstandards.we design our products with ergonomics in mind, creatingelectronic cigarettes more suitable for hands and mouths. inaddition, the mouth contact material is food-grade safe. theatomizer and oil supply components we use also allow for stableperformance, realistic texture and natural flavor.
Main Products:electronic cigarettes;electronic cigarette starter kits;disposable electronic cigarettes;electronic cigarette cases;electronic cigarette rechargeable batteries;lighters;smoking accessories;cigarette cases;ink cartridges;mobile phone chargers

Contact Information

Contact Person: Mr Cui, Buddy
Address: 4f, b1 building, huashengda, bitou 1st industrial area, songgang, baoan district
Country/Region: china
Province/State: guangdong
City: shenzhen
Telephone: (86 755) 27887199 Ext : 818 (86 755

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