h.k create grow electronic limited

established in 2001, h.k. create grow electronic is aniso-certified company. we are one of the leading manufacturers ofnetting sleeves in china. our production base has been expandingrapidly in the last 10 years and makes progress each year. most ofour products are in accordance with ul and rohs requirements, andare halogen-free.our main products are braided expandable sleevings, fiberglasssleevings, teflon tubes, heat shrinkable tubes, flexible conduits,pvc tubes and crocheting tubes.
Main Products:electronic cigarette starter kits;electronic cigarettes;electronic cigarette cartridges;expandable sleeves;cigarette chargers;lighters;smoking accessories;ink cartridges;insulation materials;elements;mobile phone chargers;cigarette cases

Contact Information

Contact Person: Cheung, Fengquan
Address: no. 23 ningjiang road, daning, humen town
Country/Region: china
Province/State: guangdong
City: dongguan
Telephone: (86 769) 87089592

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