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vietnam is a country with tropical climates, so the fruits &vegetables of vietnam is very rich, delicious, rare, a varietygrown only in vietnam and some of vietnam's neighboring countries(thailand, malaysia, indonesia) as the pomelo, dragon fruit, mango,star milk, longan, durian, rambutan, mangosteen, .. and there aremany different types and are harvested year round, meeting therequirements for domestic and foreign customers.
vegetables & fruits growing area of vietnam is 1,685,000 ha andexport to most markets in asia, europe, usa...
our company, trade name: velaco - specializing in exporting offresh fruits and other agricultural products of vietnam, is amember of lien anh group, which was established in 2001, with thefield of investment and trading, freight forwarding.
our main products such as pomelo, dragon fruit, mango, rambutan,longan, durian and other products that the customers interested. wefocus on quality, safety, reasonable price
our products have been applying advanced techniques and modernscience in the planting and care from planting to harvest, andapplying the brc, haccp, global gap, vietgap to provide the bestproduct for the market, especially usa and europe.
we look forward to dealing & cooperating with importers,business partners in a spirit of mutual development, our company isalways eager to get the opinions of all partners, to improve andenhance product quality to meet the increasing requirements of themarket.
Main Products:mango;tropical fruit;dragon fruit;mangosteen;watermelon;chilli;carrot;guava;banana;acerola;papaya;grapes fruit

Contact Information

Contact Person: Mr. Tho Le
Address: 77 nguyen cuu van st. , ward 17, binh thanh dicst, ho chi minh city, vietnam.
Country/Region: vietnam
Province/State: ho chi minh
City: ho chi minh
Telephone: 84-8-35180161

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