we are a family firm, from many years running a 23 ha farm atecological clear teritory of busko-zdroj.
we are a producer:
- strawberry
- cucumber
- white cabbage
- red cabbage
- pumpkin
in our production we carefully select varietys of plants, careabout their proper growing and protection.
our products are guaranteed high quality, in conformity with theeuropean regulations.
from 2003, at the name fructmol, we running, in 14 point ofdispatch, purchasing, packaging and sale of agricultural addition we cooperated with several dozen, verified farms frompoland.

Main Products:cabbage;tomato;cucumber;cauliflower;onion;fresh apples;fresh cabbages;fresh berries;fresh cauliflower;fresh cucumber;fresh onions

Contact Information

Contact Person: Mr. Robert Dec
Address: zerniki gorne 90
Country/Region: poland
Province/State: swietokrzyskie
City: busko-zdroj
Telephone: 48-664-755179
Mobile Phone:48664755179

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