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love your body wholesale is an innovative distributor of wholesalepadded panties, enhancing padded underwear, butt lifters, pantyshapers, body slimming shapewear and other enhancing and slimminglingerie and accessories at off-price and below wholesale prices.we take great pride in building our customers' confidence andtransforming their desires into a reality.
our company philosophy is simple; treat customers with honesty,respect, and kindness. we believe that our customers deserve topquality products at the best prices. women have told us that ourlowrise padded panty, butt boosters and butt lifter pantiesprevented the need for butt augmentation surgery. even now, we hearthat almost every day from our loyal and appreciativecustomers.
why shop with us?
unlike our competitors, love your body wholesale picks and choosesthe products we offer on our web site. your complete customersatisfaction is important to us; therefore, a great effort was madeto ensure the products we offer on our web site are of greatquality. in addition to the quality, we offer products that can bepurchased at the lowest wholesale prices you will find!
butt enhancers
we have the answer to the flat rear end appearance you don't likewithout the risk of butt augmentation or countless hours at the gymwith a subtle to moderate visible difference. our natural paddedpanties instantly give your butt the make-over you've been wantingbut could not achieve.
we offer butt enhancers for everyone. whether you want a subtle,moderate or strong visible difference, we have the enhancer to fityour everyday needs. you can now confidently wear your favoritepair of jeans or that tight dress you bought but never wore becauseof the flat butt appearance it gave you. we cannot promise you thatpeople will stop staring at your once flat or flabby butt, but wecan ensure you that this time it is because they admire your new,bigger, sexier butt.
Main Products:women';s padded panties;enhancing padded underwear;butt lifters;slimming shapewear;body shapers;girdles;cleavage enhancing bras &;bra accessories.

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Contact Person: Mr. Shannon Harding
Address: 3417 eva, park city, il, usa
Telephone: 1-847-5961005

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