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picasso america diving equipment inc. is a canadian federalcorporation, which is focused on the free-diving and spear-fishingmarkets. it is the exclusive distributor of the world famousspanish made 'picasso' brand name for free-diving and spear-fishinggear and equipment, in north america, mexico and themiddle-east.
the company has been in business in canada since early 1998.
in january 2001, it opened a branch in los angeles and is nowoperating mostly through its california outlets.
it was founded and is currently owned by roger yazbeck, who isknown as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced free-divehunters in the world
its business is focused on the growing sport of free-diving(skin-diving, snorkeling, or breath-hold diving) and all activitiesrelated to it, mainly spear-fishing, or free-dive hunting, lobsterand abalone diving, underwater photography, underwater filming aswell as underwater sports, such as underwater hockey, rugby andtarget shooting.
we sell wholesale to distributors and dealers worldwide and alsothrough phone, mail and online at ourwebsite is the number one diving related website in the world(verified through
we are known to carry only the best. our wetsuits are made ofyamamoto neoprene exclusively and are second to none. we are alwaysin the market for novelties and more sophisticated gear, but wewould never compromise our name and reputation selling any productthat is not superior as we have conducted our own field testing oneverything we carry in stock.
Main Products:free-diving;skin-diving;snorkeling;spear-fishing equipment;gifts;crafts;snorkels;swimming fins;safety products;suspension system;socks;screws

Contact Information

Contact Person: Mr. Roger Yazbeck
Address: 2021 bataan rd.
Country/Region: united states of america
Province/State: california
City: redondo beach
Telephone: 1-310-376-9962
Mobile Phone:310-920-9929

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