guangning chunzhang agriculture development co

fruits,orange,santang orange produced in guangning were famed asone of south china fruit, its plant has a long history with morethan 400 years. in the ming dynasty(year 1573-1619), the sweettangor is designated as the emperor tribute .santang orange is onekind of orange.the fruit oblate, sinking riding in the umbilicus,orange color ,easy tear because of thin wrapped is in highquality because the climate soil in guangning is very suitable forgrowing,now it has progressed to planting area of 15000 hectare inthe distribution of 17 township around of the county. it isexpected to have 117,000 tons each year , the sales network spreadsto beijing, shanghai, xinjiang and 14 provinces in china and theoversea market extend to southeast asia,hongkong,macau,&canada.
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Main Products:other food;other agriculture products

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Address: 32,Zhonghwa Zhong Rd,Nanjie Town, Guangning country, Guangdong Province, China Zhaoqing Guangdong 526300 China
Country/Region: china
Telephone: 86 - 136 - 60551718

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