spring musical instrument factory

manufactory introduction
we play an important roll in guitar making industry with oursuperexcellent handcraft technique and advanced facilities,although we donâ t have a long history. we have desired and makemany excellent signed guitars for many great.80%guitars that selloverseas from china are made from our factory. moreover we receivemany praises from the guitar sellers all over the world.
a good news is that in 2008 we start a new program that if you ownthe guitar made by us , you will be our all-around service target.we will answer any question that you meet with our best service andwelcome to phone us to know more about our service.
vivid characteristic
we can make all style of signed guitar for any bandsman and guitarseller .what you only need to do is give us your blueprint ordescribe the guitar you want , include the wood and the fittingsetc. our most vivid characteristic is that not only we can make allstyle of guitar you can find now, but also we can make a specialguitar only for you to meet your needs.
strict material selecting and manufacture
we have a very strict standard to select the wood .with oursuperexcellent handcraft technique we want to insure that everyguitar we made has nice resonance and sustain unplugged. whatâ smore , we can guarantee that all our employee have received stricttraining and have great technique on guitar making and a goodapperception on music to make the best guitar.
Main Products:musical instrument;guitar;bass;effect;wind instrument

Contact Information

Contact Person: Mr. Spring Li
Address: Xuanwu District Wudaojie 11, Beijing, China
Telephone: 86-010-63038953
Mobile Phone:86-13439656940

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