truong tuan co. ltd

truong tuan co., ltd is specialized in manufacturing and tradingof processed peanuts, cashew nuts, wasabi greenpeas, food andagricultural products.
from 2005 to 2009 truong tuan is a manufacturing base of friedpeanuts of all kinds. after four years operating efficiency andprestigious, sales and market expansion.
early in 2009, truong tuan was changed to truong tuan co. ltd in alarge way of business, with new modern technology, expand marketand continues to grow steadily.
our products are exported to customers world-wide : korea,thailand, hong kong, taiwan, australia, russia & etc...
quality was and still is the foundation of our success. today, ourgoal is quality in everything we set out to achieve, the productswe make, the services we provide.
if you have any requirement or need our helps, please contact withus :
truong tuan co. ltd
220 doan thi nghiep str, ward 10, my tho city, tien giang provincevietnam
mobile : 84-902 329 868
skype : nhanvo
Main Products:roasted peanuts;salted peanuts;unsalted peanuts;salted cashew nuts;unsalted cashew nuts;cashew nuts;nut;kernel snacks;bean snacks;fruit;vegetable snacks

Contact Information

Contact Person: Mr. Nhan Vo
Address: 220 doan thi nghiep
Country/Region: vietnam
Province/State: tien giang
City: my tho
Telephone: 84-073-3859456

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