halo custom guitars, inc.

halo guitars was created in 2000 by belinda lee and waylon ford.seeing most guitar companies stagnate in designs and become greedyby charging high prices to the public - they decided to do whatthey could to improve the market. the company is dedicated tomanufacturing high quality hand made instruments at an affordableprice. the first halo guitars and basses were released at the 2000winter namm show and featured designs popular within the metalgenre of musicians. the instruments gained popularity quicklybecause of the outrageous designs, performance, and fast-playingnecks. that year, halo guitars' bh series won, "best new guitardesign" from shred inc magazine.
the company grows larger and larger every year with a roster ofover 450 endorsees across the globe including; skinlab,re:ignitions, terror syndrome, the miserables, brides ofdestruction, poison, hanzel und gretyl, down factor, hail mary,ministry, fire ball ministry, danzig, and many more. our websitehas grown dramatically with our guerilla marketing strategies from2,000 hits per month to over 115,000 hits per month in the past twoyears.
the halo street team is ran by our halo gals. currently, the streetteam has over 35,000 people in the united states and branched tothe uk this year with over 2,500 people already signed up. streetteam members support us by attending halo events, live shows anddistributing our promotional materials.
Main Products:electric guitar;electric bass guitar;custom built electric or bass guitar;7 and 8 string guitar;5 and 6 string bass guitar;ribbon microphone;tube condensor microphone;condensor microphone;and

Contact Information

Contact Person: Mr. Jeff Lee
Address: 21621 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, CA, USA
Telephone: 001-408-8738606

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