emaux swimming pool equipment co.ltd.

emaux is one of the leading manufacturers in china specializing ina wide array of swimming pool and spa products. these includefibreglass filters, cartridge filter, multiport valves, pool &spa accessories, underwater lights, pool ladders as well as pooland spa pumps. moreover, "emaux has expanded rapidly in theseyears; it continuously increased the types of products, as well asthe quality. we achieved iso 9001:2000 status to prove that ourquality and our industry standard. american nsf internationalapproval and was awarded certificate by bureau of quality andtechnical supervision, which mean that our quality of products areindeed positive. in this year, "emaux" will move into a new plantwhich has 74000sqm. larger size of the plant and better facilitiesenable us to enforce our capability to meet future demand in theworld market.
Main Products:swimming pool equipment;pool equipment;spa equipment;swimming pool accessories;spa accessories;pool and spa equipment;sand filters;filtration systems;swimming pool parts;industrial water trea

Contact Information

Contact Person: Mr. Everest Chan
Address: 41 Tin Hau Temple Road, North Point, Hong Kong
Telephone: 852-2-8930388

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