rosbalt biznesa grupa

rosbalt biznesa grupa is placed in eu, latvia. our company wasestablished in 1997. we are manufacturing and trading group in nextfields: wood protective chemicals department is engaged in theproduction, marketing and developing of wood preservative, woodfungicide, wood biocide, fire protective chemicals, wood treatmentand strengthening chemicals, wood toning chemicals;constructionchemicals department is engaged in the production, marketing anddeveloping of concrete admixtures to a building industry;detergentchemicals department is engaged in the production, marketing anddeveloping of cleaning products and chemicals for industry use,house holding care, car care, and medicine (antiseptic liquid soapsand etc);pharmaceutical department engaged in the development andmarketing of apis, pharmaceutical intermediates, veterinarypharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals (animal extracts & herbalextracts) and etc.
on this website you can find out more about our activities, and youmay contact us if you require further information. we would like tonote that information on the webpage can be in short form.
Main Products:wood preservative;wood fungicide;wood chemicals;wood treatment chemicals;concrete admixture;superplastizer;concrete additives;construction chemicals

Contact Information

Contact Person: Ms.Stanislava Grishanova
Address: Unijas Street 25
Country/Region: latvia
Province/State: riga
City: riga

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