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;¡ ? ¯s superiority in the industrial ***** popularity isconstantly rising after the introduction of iso9001 ? ¡ ? ¯squality management system in may, ***** accuracy technologyorganization like the aerospace industry ministry has sent thepersonel to coorperate and develop the high precisiono othercompanies in the same line in china .
the products of our company seriously follow thepeople ? ¡ ? ¯s republic of china hygienic quality standardof gb9687-88 and take imported food-level plastic cement andimported pe (s. korea hyundai, samsung corporation) raw materialand dispensation with high quality .using excellentrotation(revolving shape)technology from ***** complete technologycan inject once ***** products of our company have many advantagessuch as beautiful appearance, smooth exterior and interior,non-poisonous, tasteless, alkali resistant, shock-resistant andhigh temperature resistant(80 ? ¡ ? ¦),cold-resistant(-40 ? ¡ ? ¦), difficult to embrittle ? ? ¬ and convenient for installation and transportation***** products have been provided product dutyprestige ? ¡ ? ¯s insurance by the picc.
our company was founded in 1992 and got deep support over past 10years from the social ***** products are now forming the 10 bigseries, 168 types and special heterotype for industrial areas, thevolume has complete specification from small 16 liters to big 50***** products have been spread all over china .the water tanksseries has been used over the past 30 years and has been wellreceived by clients. our company has been importantly attached tothe advance guide ?
Main Products:swimming pool filter;1000l ibc tank;water tank;motorcycle gasoline box

Contact Information

Contact Person: Ms. anny li
Address: Henghe, Cixi, zhejiang, China
Telephone: 86-0574-63261007
Mobile Phone:86-13777188710

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