we are living in an increasingly booming and fast changing worldwhere safety and sustainability are key issues. still. lightningremains a unexpected and extremely harmful threat for persons,buildings and equipment.
for nearly 60 years, indelec group has been growing while focusingon its core business: lightning protection.
indelec vision is to offer the highest quality of engineering todeliver the safest and most cost effective solutions to manage thelightning risk. uncompromised quality, massive r&d investments,staff excellence and lightning-business focus are our main assetsto master lightning.
our core values are:
- uncompromised quality
due to the specificities of our core business, dealing with anextremely unpredictable and powerful phenomenon, there is no roomfor compromise. mastering lightning induces a permanent qualityimprovement process.
- engineering excellence
private-owned high voltage laboratory, r&d department gatheringtop-class engineers, testing in real lightning conditions incooperation with international organization and universities,intensive training, involvement in major standard committees andspecialized organization. indelec gathers the highest level ofcompetences and knowledge in the lightning protection field.
- integrity and transparency
we treat people with respect and fairness and give clear,motivating and constructive feedback. we are also promotingbusiness ethics and dedicating ourselves to maintain a high senseof values and conduct honest and fair practices with our partnersand clients.
- safety-minded
by nature, the lightning protection business conducts indelec toconsider safety as a major concern. at each stage of the process,from the production of the air terminals to their installation onsite, indelec staff is permanently involved in meeting the companysafety standards.
Main Products:lightning protection systems;lightning rod;air terminal;surge protection devices;lightning warning system;early streamer emission;ese;spd

Contact Information

Contact Person: Jerome DUBIN
Address: 61 Chemin des Postes, DOUAI, France
Telephone: 33-03-27944942

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