• kingwell oilfield machinery co., ltd

    stabilizer;mud pump &parts;drill pipe;drill collar;heavy weight;drill pipes;bop;rig package rig accessories;dst tools;forging;drilling rig;drilling machine;pumps

    no.18 fenghui south road, hi-tech zone, xi'an, china, yaxian, shaanxi, china
  • xian scoton oilfield equipments

    drilling rig;drill pipe;mud pump;stabilizer;drill collar;hole opener;line pipe;casing;tubing

    Zhuque, xian, Shaanxi, China
  • drillmax oilfield fzc

    ;chemical auxiliary agent;stockings;drilling rig;crude oil;mining machinery parts;machinery;drilling machine;chemical product agents;lubricants;energy related products

    no 19 villa, sharjah, sharjah, uae
  • shandong binzhou forging and pressing machinery factory

    drilling rig;truck mounted drilling rig;water well drilling rig;crawler rock drilling rig;engineering drilling rig;drilling rig;construction machinery;drilling machine;loaders;pile driver;manipulator;brick making machinery;oilfield drilling rig;forklifts;

    no.534, 4th huanghe road
  • dongying landdrill oilfield supply co., ltd

    casing;tubing;drill pipe;line pipe;sucker rod;drill collar;drilling rig;mud pump;fishing tools

    No. 59 Fuqian Street, Dongying, Shandong, China
  • shaanxi tefico petroleum mechanical electric n...

    drilling rigs;drilling components;workover rig;bop;shaanxi drilling rig;drilling service;land rig;oilfield rig;drilling machine;machine tools;machinery;construction machinery;vehicle equipment;pumps

    No. 300, West Segment of Xinfu Road, Baoji, Baoji, Shaanxi, China
  • s&p oilfield products

    oilfield equipment including refinery parts;drilling rig parts and components;olfield service tools and anything oilfield.

    143 harvest glen rise NE, calgary, ab, Canada
  • around the clock oilfield

    oilfield equipment;blocks;tables;vessels;valves;drilling rigs;mudpumps;production equipment;industrial fuel

    5793a, grosbeck, texas, USA
  • jinan tianwei innovation oilfield equipment enterprise (oee)

    mud pump parts;drilling rig parts;oilfield equipment;drill pipe

    shunshi road
  • xi an overseas oilfield supplies co ltd

    drill pipes;drill collars;hwdp;stabilizers;rigs.after-sale service&technical support.

    Van Metropolis No 35 Tangyan Road, Xi an, China